Masalaplate will have weekly menus to help working moms and dads plan their week and grocery lists, short and quick blogs that will give you tips and tricks in the kitchen, exercise, choices we make at the Kumar’s residence, trending topics and more.


When my son Abhi was born in 2008, I had taken a break from work. This was a time of self-introspection. During this time, I discovered that I had a lot of unexplored passions and we had taken a commitment to eat healthy as a family. The food around us was tasty but not complementary for health. They were too rich, used too many processed foods, had too many ingredients or were not fresh.


The idea of helping people cook at home to foster a healthy family became my obsession. I wanted to create a platform that would help people cook authentic Indian food at home. I had several ideas, but at that time with limited resources to execute my dream and fear of the unknown, I did not venture out. This was the time I really got into cooking and experimenting with different cuisines and fusion foods. Since then I have been wanting to have my own website, to showcase some of my creations.


I actually had live for a bit in 2017 but with juggling work and my second born Anjali, this took a back seat.


Finally, at the end of 2019,  during a family vacation my desire to reinvigorate my fervor came back to me. I began  to realize that perfection does not mean success, and started working on Masalaplate again, this time with a new logo, new pictures, a new outlook and time tested recipes.


I hope I am able to take you through the journey of unlocking the secret to a healthy and happy life through my recipes and blogs.

My kitchen is as practical as is traditional. My kitchen is communal within my family and both my children routinely help prepare meals while my husband does the dishes. I use simple, safe and eco friendly culinary instruments to prepare my meals.


My kitchen is stocked with all the essentials to make great Indian food and is a cornucopia of spices, mixes , seeds, garnishments and edible arrangements.

My Mom and Dad have always been my inspiration. I can say proudly that I have learnt the art of creativity, patience and cooking from my Mom and saw living proof of leadership, hard work, persistence and a never give up attitude in my Dad. 


My kids Abhi and Anjali constantly challenge me and push me to be the best at what I am and want to give a special mention to my little angel Ginger, my soulmate. 


I am also always learning quick kitchen tips and tricks from my Sister and new ideas from my ever young at heart and super encouraging Mother in law. Also, thanks to my Father in law who always loves my cooking.


But the person I have learnt from the most is my dear husband Ashok who has been my important and strongest pillar of support not only made my Masalaplate dream come true but continues to support me and brightens my everyday with his dynamism, constant encouragement and positive outlook towards life. He is the man behind this successful woman.

As a native of Chennai, India, I have always had a fascination for food. A Human Resources executive by trade, I have always been amazed by the intricacies of preparing a hearty, healthy meal that the entire family enjoys.


My cooking style celebrates simplicity and fosters taste while preserving the value of nutrition. As a busy working mother, I have a full time job of preparing healthy, fresh food daily for my demanding family, especially my picky kids. I always try to incorporate tradition, flavor and fun in my recipes. I enjoy experimenting with new ingredients, preparation style and exploring culinary ideas from eastern as well as western cuisines.


I live in Austin, TX with my husband and two children. I am passionate about food, family, Human Resources and dogs! I hope to open a coffee shop one day.